Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles

Porcelain Patio Tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles are more resistant to the elements than traditional slabs. Extremely strong & safe under foot porcelain patio tiles are a great outdoor choice for any landscape design.

There are many practical reasons why porcelain garden tiles are an excellent outdoor choice. As concrete-contractors-concrete-work specialists, laying porcelain is very much within our expansive area of expertise.

Fundamentally porcelain paving tiles offer much more remarkable resilience to aggressive elements, especially here in Ireland.

Unlike traditional limestone, granite and sandstone slabs, they require far less necessary maintenance and give a magnificent ultra modern look to any BnK Landscapes garden design. 


Easy maintenance


R11 anti slip rated


Resistant to mould


Resistant to frost


Cost effective


Fantastic design flexibility

Outdoor porcelain tiles

Oak Porcelain Paving Tiles Installed In Portmarnock

Luminescent with style, these oak outdoor tiles for patio use bring an overwhelming sense of contemporary design to this BnK Landscapes project in Portmarnock Co. Dublin..

These Exterior Paving Tiles Are Strong!

As we’ve said previously, there are many practical reasons why outdoor porcelain pavers are ideal here in Ireland.

One extraordinary thing we have not mentioned so far is the established fact that their modern composition is far superior to any of the more traditional paving slabs.

Porcelain garden tiles are fired at far higher temperatures than those of ceramic and are comprised using higher graded clay mixes than standard types of paving slabs.

They simply leave granite and ceramic tiles in the distance when it boils down to strength and durability. 


Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Dublin – BnK Landscapes

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles - BnK Landscapes Dublin
A Nice Porcelain Tile Installation Carried Out In Tallaght Co. Dublin.

Covering approximately 20 meters squared & consisting of 600 x 600 grey 20mm thick porcelain tiles, this installation was laid on a bed of sand and cement with a primer on the underside of the tile.

Primer ensures maximum sticking capacity to the cement below minimising the risk of a tile ever becoming loose.

As professional patio installers & concrete paver installations experts we also provide granite, limestone, sandstone & concrete solutions.

Outdoor porcelain tiles
Porcelain patio tiles
We supply and install a beautiful range of Italian, Indian and granite outdoor tiles.