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As small to medium concrete contractors we carefully consult, design and implement quality concrete work including paving, private driveways, steps and walls.

Concrete offers practicality, excellent durability and when correctly laid, naturally taking expansion and drainage into account, it will last a lifetime. This is also true when we consider using concrete/cement as a base foudation for patios & outdoor-porcelain-tiles-porcelain-patio-tiles.

We have carried out concrete services for many satisfied clients across Dublin.




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Once installed correctly the risk of any detrimental factors such as weeds, pot holes or puddle formation is very low.


Concrete Driveway Installations

Concrete driveways have been one of the standards for simple cost-effective entrance solutions for a very long time. It is low maintenance and generally just requires a power wash and sealant once every year to keep it looking in pristine condition.

With good maintenance there is no reason a concrete layout should not last at least 50 years. 

There are many different types of installations ranging from a resurface concrete driveway to placing one into an area where none previously existed, imprints and so on.

Being professional driveway contractors it would be remiss of us not to consult with you before & after an inspection regarding your options, taking drainage and dig depths , machinery & materials into account, etc.




Concrete Paving

The overall cost effectiveness of concrete becomes really evident when we consider its exceptional longevity.

It is astonishingly strong to the extent that it lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance and to this end, it stands up to almost the weather elements.

Concrete Driveway Cost

Paving and concrete driveway costs very much vary, all factors considered. However, it still remains one of the cheapest long lasting solutions available to the Irish home and business owners, even in today’s price climate.

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