Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial Grass Installers

Synthetic Grass Installation

Artificial grass installations are second nature to us. Typically named under an umbrella of terms like, synthetic grass, artificial turf, astro turf & fake grass.

Astro turf grass first rose to prominence through its wide and varied use in sporting environments however, it is now a firm favourite with professional landscapers in Dublin, such as ourselves & those who can comfortably implement modern landscape and garden designs at domestic and commercial level. 


Very low maintenance


Perfect for children


Pet friendly


Long lasting


Cost effective


Fantastic design flexibility

A Synthetic Lawn Is Virtually Weatherproof!

The manufacturing materials used in the make up of synthetic turf do not deteriorate from exposure to the elements including extreme temperatures.


Expert artificial grass installers should instinctively know that proper drainage is of paramount importance when it comes to astro turf fit-outs.

Artificial lawn grass turf operates very effectively to drain away any excess water from even abundant rain therefore offering immediate puddle prevention thus eliminating water stagnation.

Artificial grass installations - BnK Landscapes Rathmines
An artificial grass installation in Dublin.

Initially we placed a sponge bedding on which we put 40mm powers court artificial grass. This was an added safety feature preference for the client as there were young children.


Artificial grass by BnK Landscapes Rathmines
installing astro turf - Bnk Landscapes Dublin
synthetic grass installation

Domestic Artificial Grass Installations

€ Price Dependent On Grass Type & Coverage Area.

Highly Durable

Hard-wearing and long lasting, artificial lawn grass will typically last for at least 15 to 20 years under average usage conditions. Naturally this would also be taking average maintenance into consideration.

Water Proof

Depending on the quality of your installation taking the artificial turf type, infill and drainage into consideration; one of the really great things about synthetic grass is that it’s water resistant to heavy deluge rainfall.

Easy Maintenance

Proper maintenance can be as simple as hosing down the surface, carrying out specific area spot cleaning and anti mould treatments. We carefully apply and provide these services routinely. 

Commercial Artificial Grass Installations

We Take Care Of Many Commercial Installations.

Sports Astro Turf

We are happy to work with sports organisations. This typically includes football pitches or any project where installing astro turf at your particular sporting venue is a likely possibility.

Pubs & Clubs

Using artificial grass installations in outdoor areas is an excellent way to transform the most mundane spaces into really spectacular designs.


Local restaurants can universally use our synthetic grass installations much to their advantage. They add creative design to outdoor alfresco dining experiences amongst many other benefits. 

artificial lawn grass
artificial lawn grass